The Graduate Programme

Your pathway to success

Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking to enhance your career, we offer a dynamic learning experience. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds, with or without prior work experience. Explore our eligibility criteria and core competencies as you embark on this transformative journey with us.

a) The program will be open to:

Degree holders with backgrounds in finance, accounting, economics, management, or any relevant field as required by IFCM.

Candidates with or without any work experience.

b) Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following core competencies and attitudes:


Ability to work effectively in teams

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Computer literate

Willingness to learn and develop skills

c) Other eligibility criteria for selecting candidates include:

Being unemployed for at least 30 days prior to registration.
Being aged below 30 years.
Not being subject to any possible conflict of interest (e.g., parental or personal relations, or former employees).
The program aims to develop and instill skills and aptitude while enhancing the employability of interns. The internship will provide a blend of on-the-job training and coaching to help interns gain experience in the financial services sector, potentially paving the way for a career at IFCM or other financial institutions. Enrollment in the program will be for a period of two years, with renewal possible after the first year upon satisfactory completion.

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