Modernisation & Transformation Fund


Assisting Enterprises in Modernisation & Transformation of their Processes


The Industrial Finance Corporation of Mauritius has devised schemes for individuals and corporates to enhance their competitiveness through upgrading of technology & modernisation of production equipment and business processes as well as reduce interest burden.

Flexible financing solution to equip your future today.
Quick turnaround of applications.
Finances a wide spectrum of movable assets.

Helps enterprises to modernise & upgrade its productive equipment & machinery.

Allows businesses to free up limited cash resources towards growth & expansion.


Eligible sectors – Manufacturing, Agro-Industry,
Construction, ICT, Blue Economy, and
other productive sectors

Financing up to 85% of cost of asset
Local and FX lease

Preferential interest rate

Financing period up to 9 years
depending on type of asset.

Security: Lien on asset

Documents Required

Certificate of Incorporation.
Business Registration Card.
Valid Trade licence.
VAT Certificate.
Recent proof of address of the business.
Bank statements for last 6 months.
Last 3 Financial Statements.
Quotation of asset to be a acquired.
Constitution or Memorandum & Articles of Association.

KYC of Directors/Shareholders.


How much can I borrow?
Subject to applicant’s turnover
Turnover ≤ Rs 250M – MUR 50,000,000
Turnover > Rs 250M – MUR 100,000,000
Who do you lend?
We can consider applications from corporates, sole traders, partnerships.
Who owns the asset?
Legal ownership rest with the leasing company until full settlement. Lessee has the usage and accounting benefits.
What security will be required?
The security will be the asset itself. A lien will be inscribed.
Is the interest rate fixed or floating?

It is fixed.

What condition should the asset be?
The assets must be fit for purpose, in a new or acceptable condition.
The lessee insures the asset and assign the insurance in favour of the lessor.