Dr. Yousouf Ismaël


Dr. Yousouf Ismaël is the Secretary-General of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI). In his current
role, he provides strategic leadership for the Chamber, enhances its regional and international network, engages in
advocacy on diverse issues and contributes to the economic development of the country through thought strategies.
He serves as board member of the Mauritius Standards Bureau, the SME Mauritius, the Covid-19 Development Fund, the
Port-Louis Development Fund and the Industrial Finance Corporation of Mauritius Ltd. He is the director of SADC
Business Council and COMESA Business Council. He also serves as the CEO of Global Standard.

Before joining the MCCI, Dr. Yousouf Ismaël has held important positions in the public and private sectors. He has
previously served as Chief Executive Officer of the Central Water Authority, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Finance
Mauritius, as well as Head Strategy and Commercial for the St Aubin Group. Furthermore, he has provided management
and strategic coaching to major private and public companies in Mauritius. He has previously served as the Board of
Director to the Bank of Mauritius, Board of Director to the Arbitration and Mediation Services in Mauritius, Board
Member of the Central Water Authority and Board Member of Mauritius Cargo Community Services. Dr. Yousouf Ismaël
holds a Postdoctoral in Economics, a PhD in Economics, a M.Sc. in Development Economics and Planning and a BSc in
Agricultural Development Economics from the University of Reading, UK.