Mr. Dhirajsingh Rughoobur 


Mr. Dhirajsingh Rughoobur is currently the Chief of the Governor’s Office and International and Institutional Relations Unit at the Bank of
Mauritius. He has two decades of work experience in the financial services sector and has been at the Bank since April 2005. Prior to
joining the Bank, he worked in the commercial banking and non-bank deposit taking sectors.

Mr. Rughoobur has represented the Bank in various fora, both locally and internationally. He was a member of the Task Force on Unfair
Terms and Conditions in Banking that was set up by the Bank to assess the reasonableness of banks’ fees, charges and commission. He
also formed part of a working group for the implementation of a Deposit Insurance Scheme in Mauritius. At the continental level,
Mr Rughoobur was a member of the Working Group on Home Host Cooperation and Information Sharing that was set up by the Financial
Stability Board Regional Consultative Group for Sub-Saharan Africa, with the final report released in January 2018.