Mr. Suryadev Beedasy

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Suryadev Beedasy holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Diploma in Banking and a Diploma in Business Administration. He has more than 4 decades of experience in the world of financial services. He plays an active role in budgetary consultations at Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development and shares a cordial relationship with the private and public organisations.

He started his career at the Bank of Mauritius and then moved across various banks such as Banque Nationale de Paris Intercontinentale, ex MPCB, now Maubank. In November 2008, he joined Enterprise Mauritius, now a unit of EDB as Chief Operating Officer. In 2010, he was Convenor of MTSP-ERCP-RWG. He was the CEO of SME Equity Fund in 2018. In 2019, he was called upon to be the COO for Investment Support Programme. Since October 2021, he is the Ag.CEO of Industrial Finance Corporation of Mauritius where he manages and devises new financial instruments to assist viable companies in productive sectors of the economy having difficulty to have access to finance from traditional sources.